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Yorkshire Folk

Photo of Yorkshire rhubarb

Yorkshire folk are known for their friendly and approachable attitude and hard-working nature. Some might say we are straight-talking. We don’t mean to be a walking stereotype, but maybe it’s true! We will always be open and straight-talking with you, so you know exactly what’s going on with your POS. We work around the clock to make sure everything is produced to the highest standard, and if you need anything at all, no matter how tough the challenge, we are easy to talk to, and we enjoy a chat.

And if there’s a saving to be made, we will find it for you, because Yorkshire folk are ‘tight/cautious’ with money, apparently (although we see it as savvy).

We have loads of local people working with us, who have done for years, who are always on hand at a moment’s notice to help us meet changes in demand.

  • Friendly & approachable
  • Open & straight-talking
  • Hard-working people
  • We will save you money
  • Local, loyal staff