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Store Audits

Every year, huge amounts of money get thrown away by simply sending too much POS or the wrong POS. Not only that, Store Colleagues blood pressures rise when they get a delivery of window posters and their store is in a shopping mall without any windows.

We’ve got a suitcase full of case studies of how conducting a store audit can save cash and put a smile on people’s faces. Whether it’s window sizes, store layouts or profiles we’ll check, count and measure. It could be number of wall bays or gondolas, ceiling heights, square footage or display fixture types. Either way, we’ll gather the correct information and give it to you online, where at the press of a button, you can interrogate and extract your data to drive accurate print quantities and allocations. You’ll even be able to view photos of every store; which is great for bringing back memories of that romantic weekend in Aberystwyth.