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POPAI Innovation Award
Walkers Brit Trips

Walkers Brit Trips

Walkers Crisps ran an advertising campaign offering discounts on holiday breaks. They asked us for complementary POS featuring the British countryside, a double-decker bus, a typically rural signpost, and Alton Towers – and it had to fit into 2 sides of an existing 3-sided metal carrier. Making the signpost the most prominent feature achieved superb stand-out across the store, and we also used 3D to maximise the effect of the bus. Sometimes it pays off to make a drama out of something simple!

Judges’ comments:

The Walkers Brit Trip display brings excellent stand-out and theatre to an in-store location which is normally flat and uninspiring. It’s a reminder that innovation is not just about the use of the latest technologies and materials but also about delivering new types of execution in previously neglected areas.”