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Photos of our POS installed in stores
  • End-to-end retail installation
  • From site survey to manufacture to installation
  • We’ll handle the health & safety
  • We’ll handle your landlords
  • We’ll do Europe-wide roll-out.


Getting your POS installed can be a real headache for retailers. First, do the local stores have the right items – and do they know where to put them, and how to affix them? Then there are all the health & safety considerations, plus dealing with landlords. Kolorcraft offers the complete, end-to-end installation service, Europe-wide. Our highly trained professionals can handle even massive roll-outs quickly, safely and compliantly. So let us have the headaches.

Stop pulling your hair out

You know how hard it is to ensure all your stores have the right POS materials, and that they install them correctly. After all, your store colleagues aren’t experts in this stuff – and nor should they be: they’re there to sell. So instead of juggling endless phone calls and emails to and from your stores (to say nothing of stepladders and tape measures), let us handle the whole roll-out for you, from site survey to manufacturing and final installation.

Leave the health & safety to us

Health & safety legislation changes all the time, and it’s hard to know every last detail of what you can and can’t do. So trust the experts: we’ll shoulder the burden of getting the job done safely and well, in full compliance with the relevant laws.

We’ll talk to your landlords

When it comes to dealing with your landlords, the paperwork and phone calls can feel endless. So why not just hand it over? We’ll deal with both the landlords of shopping centres and high-street stores, as well as your own properties divisions where you own your buildings.

We can install virtually anything

Common installations include:

  • External advertising banners
  • External & internal signage
  • Vinyl & Contra Vision displays
  • Hanging boards
  • Permanent in-store stands
  • Sentinel display stands
  • Merchandising displays.