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Your Store

Screenshot of end2end Your Store
  • Cut unnecessary POS print costs
  • Quick generation of information
  • Communicate the ideal with ‘Good store’ guides
  • See at a glance what a store needs
  • Easy-to-use web-based tool


When you know exactly what each store needs, you save a lot of time and money on wasted print, not to mention getting every store looking spot on.

Your Store is a very helpful retail management tool within end2end, which lets you interrogate the POS characteristics of any store. Your Store lets you produce ‘ideal store’ guides, automatically run pick lists and instantly see exactly which POS is needed for which stores.

What does your ideal store look like?

With Your Store, you can generate guides from a catalogue of store images, showing what the ideal store looks like. So you can communicate to every store what they need to look like and what POS should be where, which will boost the quality and consistency of the store look.

Know everything about your stores

Your store holds all the information you’ll ever need about your stores including ranges stocked, hardware fixtures, ceiling heights, window information, store plans – the list is limitless. This information ensures that stores receive exactly the right amount of POS and only graphics that they are profiled for.

Generate the information you need

Your Store will automatically produce allocations, pick lists, outer-pack labels and storyboards so you know every store gets exactly what it needs. As well as boosting accuracy, it also saves loads of time working out allocations and speeds up the route to market.

Reduce your costs

Your Store will save you money by reducing your POS print quantities. You only produce what stores actually need, dramatically reducing your reliance on traditional print ‘overs’.

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