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Report Generator

  • We’re fully accountable
  • Bespoke reports tailored to each user
  • Fast overview + detailed reporting
  • Easy-to-understand format
  • Help Desk to resolve any issues


You need to be in control and know everything about your POS. Our Report Generator lets you see what's happening, so nothing’s hidden. Part of our web-based end2end solution, Report Generator will give you everything you need to track your service-level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) with us, so you can monitor performance in real-time. Whether it's stock levels, POS movement, activity or costs, you've got all the information you'll ever need at your fingertips.

Access all the documents

All the supporting documents (such as monthly meetings, SLA information, contracts and agreements) are uploaded into this management section so you can access everything.

Tailor it to your needs

If there’s something you particularly need to keep an eye on, we can make reports bespoke to your needs, so that the really important stuff is instantly accessible, giving you peace of mind that you’re in complete control of your POS.

Information at a glance

Using a mix of tables and graphics, your reports are presented in a familiar and accessible format so that everything is easy to understand and interpret. You won’t waste any of your time trying to decipher data.

Import & analyse your data

The contents of any report can quickly and easily be exported into Excel, so you can do your own analysis, data-mining and sharing.

Secure & protected information

Your data stays in the right hands. Only authorised users can access these reports. We can assign different levels of access, so users only see the information you want them to see.

You choose the level of detail

We know that sometimes you just want a quick overview, but other times you need to delve deeper. The main Report Generator page provides a summary of current performance against agreed SLAs, but there are links to additional reports with more detailed information about artwork, print, local marketing, quality standards and stock.

Help Desk

If you have any issues at all, our Help Desk provides a fast, useful and ongoing communication channel for resolving them.