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Optical Recognition Analysis

Illustration of 3m eye tracking optical recognition software
  • Reliably predicts shoppers’ visual behaviour
  • Offers clear analysis of your POS impact
  • Helps you make even better design decisions
  • Makes first impressions count for more.


A first impressions is a lasting impression. You only have a few seconds to grab a shopper’s attention – so how can you make sure they are instantly drawn to your message? We offer an optical recognition service which understands how people look at POS to uncover the effectiveness of your displays. With this insider information, you can make better decisions about your POS design and positioning within your store.

What looks attractive?

‘What makes someone attractive?’ could be debated for hours. But luckily it’s a lot simpler when it comes to POS. The human eye is drawn to certain known features to form that crucial first impression, so you want to make sure it’s drawn to your key messages. Our software analyses your POS to give you a graphical ‘heatmap’ of a shopper’s visual attention in those first crucial seconds. It also tells you how intensity, colour, contrasts, edges and faces, amongst other things, have contributed to this distribution of attention, so you can make more informed decisions when trying to attract your shoppers.

How do we know this?

You can depend on your results. They are proven to be over 90% efficient at prediction, based on closely correlating eye-tracking studies.

Make better POS decisions

The analysis will help you to understand the conscious and subconscious effects of your POS on shoppers. You’ll learn about the relative impacts of text, faces, colour and contrast and how to use it to your advantage, as well as see where distracting areas may need to be removed or replaced.