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Online approvals

  • Get your POS in-store faster
  • Put an end to approval headaches
  • Review proofs 24/7, around the world
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Full audit trail for all approvals.


Our end2end bespoke web-based solution lets you manage your approval processes more quickly, efficiently and collaboratively. Whatever the time of day, wherever in the world they are, your reviewers can simultaneously see your proofs online, comment on them, and approve or reject them. And that means getting your POS materials to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Faster route to stores

Say goodbye to the hold-ups caused by trying to ensure people see and comment on the right version of your POS proofs within your timescales. Forget about endless revisions and trying to work out who’s seen which version. Now you can get your approvals much more quickly, clearly and easily, shortening the time it takes to get your POS to market.

Collaborate in real time, 24/7

We’ll drop your artwork into a ‘hot box’ online. Users can then log in and make changes, add notes and make detailed comments. These can all be seen simultaneously by all reviewers, allowing you to take everyone’s opinions into consideration – wherever they are in the world.

Full POS audit trail

Because approvals are done online, you’ll automatically have a full audit trail of all proof versions, comments and approvals, which you can see at any time.