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Screenshot of end2end e-shop
  • One-stop POS storage & ordering
  • 24/7 visibility of your warehoused POS
  • Better cost & stock control
  • Secure & efficient
  • Friendly interface for users


A fantastic module of our end2end solution is e-Shop. Similar to online shopping, you can quickly and easily view, order stock and ship it. Only authorised users can access your stock though, so not only is it familiar and easy to use, it’s also totally secure. To keep you in the know, you'll see real-time management information on stock movement, stock levels, low stock, back orders and a whole host of information to spot and manage trends.

Headache-free POS storage

Combining e-Shop with our warehousing facilities makes perfect sense. By keeping print, storage and despatch under one roof, you’ll know exactly what stock you have, protect it, and save yourself from storage hassles.

Find the POS you need — fast

Even if we hold thousands of POS items for you, e-Shop will let you find exactly what you need. The comprehensive search facility helps you locate what you need straight away. A thumbnail of each stored item is generated automatically, so you can see what’s what.

Order the POS you need

e-Shop works just like online shopping sites you are so familiar with, which makes it so easy to browse, find and order the POS you’re looking for. We’ll then ship the items you’ve chosen – so there’s no delay, and less margin for error.

Control your POS stock

e-Shop is fully integrated with our stock management system, so you’ll have more control over your POS storage. You’ll be able to keep an eye on what you have in our warehouse, and know when you need to replenish diminishing stocks.

Keep on top of your POS costs

e-Shop lets you track the cost of items called off, so you can manage costs on an ongoing basis, you can even invoice the end user.

Access invaluable data

Because everything in e-Shop is carefully controlled, you've got instand access to accurate and invaluable intelligence about your POS storage and call-offs. Any report you need can be seen in real time instantly, or exported into Microsoft Excel for analysis.

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